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Welcome to Haus Evergreen

A safe space to cultivate your identity, your community, and the Earth itself  

What We're About

At Haus Evergreen, we are embarking on an inspiring journey to transform our home and property into a sanctuary devoted to supporting queer, BIPOC, disabled, and marginalized communities. Our vision encompasses crafting an expansive acre studio/venue space and wildlife sanctuary where transformative services await our guests.

Home is where I find the freedom to explore and embrace my fluidity, where my identity is not confined by binaries or labels.

-Alok Vaid-Menon

What Can I do There?

Queer Sanctuary

Haus Evergreen stands as a sanctuary for the safety and empowerment of our queer and marginalized communities. Haus Evergreens primary goal will be to offers a secure haven where individuals can freely express their true identities without fear or judgment.


The Evergreen Girls, as passionate stewards of Haus Evergreen, will document and provide artistic grounding tools for everyone who walks through our doors. Through our Identity Affirming Photographyensuring a transformative experience that celebrates and affirms their authentic selves.


The diminishing availability of third spaces has left a void, hindering opportunities for authentic self-expression, connection, and a sense of belonging. Haus Evergreen aims to address this gap

By building a place beyond home and work where individuals can gather, connect, and thrive. Our property will not only provide a unique setting for community members to explore their identities. We plan to provide weekly community events, workshops, and open studio time aimed at sharing experiences together, and build lasting connections.

Community Kitchen
& Garden

By transforming our land into a food forest and community kitchen, we are not only fostering sustainable agriculture, but also promoting food security within our community.


The cultivation of diverse plant species in a regenerative ecosystem contributes to biodiversity and environmental health. Additionally, the community kitchen will serve as a hub for sharing meals, culinary education, and addressing food accessibility issues, creating a space where neighbors can come together, nourish themselves, and build stronger connections.

Micro Venue


As a whole Haus Evergreen will at its core be a micro-venue. As a haven for a spectrum of celebrations; from weddings and fundraisers to intimate gatherings and lively parties. In this welcoming space, individuals and groups will be able to book our space as a safe place to create cherished memories while feeling supported in their unique expressions.


The venue will serve as a versatile canvas, where diverse events can unfold, fostering a sense of community and shared joy in a secure and inclusive environment.

If we Build it

At Haus Evergreen, our vision is to transform our acre property into a sanctuary for queer, BIPOC, disabled, and marginalized communities. This ambitious endeavor involves several key construction plans that will shape the physical landscape and purpose of our space.

One significant aspect of our transformation is the renovation of the main building. This central hub will not only undergo essential upgrades, such as window refinishing and foundation stabilization but will also feature a larger bathroom to accommodate disability accessibility and steamy photography sessions. These improvements aim to create a more inclusive and functional space.

Next our focus will extends to the studio renovation and secondary structures where we aim to complete the transformation of our garage into a creative space, the construction of a tiny home for guests, a green house, and the renovation of our shed and duck enclosure.


With proper flooring, utilities, and finishing touches, the studio will become a year-round venue for workshops and open studio expression. While the introduction of a greenhouse will not only enable us to cultivate fresh produce throughout the year but will also serve as a versatile, all-weather experience surrounded by nature.

The creation of covered outdoor spaces is another key element. These areas will serve as communal gathering spots, encouraging connections with nature and each other under the open sky.

Evergreen Girls_Identity Affirming_Photoshoot-23.jpg

Furthermore, sustainability is a core principle guiding our construction plans. The integration of solar power and a rain catchment system reflects our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact and utilizing natural resources to benefit both the community and the property.


Lastly the creation of a Food Forest and Native Plant Restoration initiative will be the lengthiest initiative, going beyond a traditional garden. By restoring the land's natural biodiversity, we hope to contribute to environmental sustainability while sharing the bounty of our harvest with local community members and food banks. This stage will involve working with local indigenous communities to ensure respectful and productive landscaping that gives back all year.

Take a whimsical virtual tour of Haus Evergreen with River Evergreen, our Lead Photographer and co-owner! Dive into the charm of our spaces and imagine the joyous experiences that await you in our sanctuary for the community.

See it for Yourselves

How Can I Help?

The Evergreen GIrls is weaving dreams of a vibrant sanctuary for the community, and we're counting on your support to bring this vision to life. You can play a crucial role in our journey by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign, ensuring every penny goes directly into crafting a haven for queer, BIPOC, disabled, and marginalized communities. Alternatively, you can book our photography services, turning your precious moments into timeless memories while actively participating in the creation of this communal space. Your involvement, whether through donations or bookings, fuels the spirit of collaboration and paves the way for a sanctuary that celebrates diversity, love, and shared experiences. Join us on this extraordinary adventure!

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