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Get to know us

Hey hey!

We are The Evergreen Girls - River & Juniper, your premier queer fine art photographers in Seattle, Washington. We met as first-year photo majors at a fancy private art school in Washington, DC where we quickly fell in love. Best friends in a sapphic way ✨

When we're not taking pictures you can find us:

visiting art exhibits, playing in the rain, watching anime, dancing in public places, gardening, doing home improvement projects, bird watching, camping, volunteering, attending community events, and so much more. Basically, we never sit still.

(that's a lie, we meditate every morning) 

If you ever see us at an amusement park it'll probably look like River offering to take a group's picture and Juniper standing behind her doing bunny ears.

"you two give sun an moon vibes" - a random stranger in public

yes we quoted a stranger, it was the best compliment ever <3

River Evergreen


  • my dad taught me to use the darkroom in a radiology clinic

  • I taught myself Photoshop at the age of twelve

  • developed and started my first business during my senior year of high school

  • studied Fine Art Photography at the Corcoran College of Art and Design before GWU bought it

  • I survived a freaking pandemic!

  • then became the first plus-size route setter at Far North Climbing Gym in Arcata, Ca

  • and have been described as "a rainbow on a cloudy day"

Juniper Evergreen


  • Introverted NPC type until my special interests are activated (see trivia tab for more)

  • I studied Photojournalism and switched majors to graduate with a BFA in Furniture Design

  • designed and sold a line of furniture for Walmart

  • have been teaching rock climbing since 2011

  • I also survived a pandemic!

  • have been to 43 national parks with River and our kiddo

  • I identify strongly with Dory and her memory problems

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