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Welcome to The Evergreen Girls' Branding & Commercial Photography Service. Here we provide your business with the over-the-top presentation you need to stand out to your growing customer base.


Put your trust into the hands of our dedicated team while we bring your brand to life. From building your brand identity to curating a social media package to wow your clients, The Evergreen Girls have the first-hand knowledge and experience to make your brand more cohesive, eye-catching, and welcoming for your team and your customers. 


"You guys are my new favorite people"

-the Designer of our client (an actual quote after presenting them with a how-to-use guide for our collaborative clients new color palette)

Our goal is to elevate your image and bring out your brand's authentic look. Let our talented photographers capture the essence of your brand in professional, high-quality images, ensuring your company resonates authentically with your customers and target demographic.

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Affirmations are for Everyone

"Before and after each photoshoot at Evergreen Girls, we preform and encourage affirmations to cultivate a positive and empowering atmosphere. Prior to the session, we focus on (X) , (Y), and ensuring you feel supported and comfortable. Post-shoot, our affirmations aim to reinforce the (Z), reflecting on the captured moments to further bolster your self-assurance and appreciation for your authentic se. Our goal is to leave you feeling uplifted, reaffirmed, and empowered at every step of your journey with us."

Some of the Packages

Below we've included some common packages that clients have created with us. Keep in mind this will be customised to you so don't fret about specifics

​Our branding package ensures a stress-free experience, crafting a unique identity that authentically represents you and your business. Let us take the stress off while we redefine your brand with creativity and authenticity.

With a package like this you will get...

  • Customized Business Branding: The style of a business can mean the difference between losing the interest of your potential customers and securing their long-term business. Our team will tailor-make a visual board designed to give you a clear picture of the overall identity you want to present going forward

  • Marketing Assets: We understand the difficulty of ramping up new styles so we will ease the burden and capture all the imagery necessary for your your branding launch

  • Unique Color Palette: we pride ourselves on our eye for color to match the tone of your brand. Fun fact, River has an extra cone in her eye and can see more colors than most

  • Branding Collateral: Your brand identity wouldn't be complete without merch to rep it. We'll design shirts, posters and more to support your needs.

Brand Identity Packages


​Elevate your online presence with our Social Media Package. We take the hassle out of styling your digital identity, creating a compelling and engaging social media strategy tailored just for you. Let Evergreen Girls transform your online brand presence with ease.

With a package like this you will get...

  • Marketing Strategies: Crafting effective marketing strategies is akin to charting the course for your brand's success. let us tailor a comprehensive plan that not only resonates with your target audience but also adapts to the evolving landscape, ensuring your brand stays relevant and memorable in the competitive market. This

  • Social Media Content: Let our skilled photographers provide your business with a series of  images and reels optimized for your marketing strategy 

  • Professional Headshots: Spruce up old headshots of your team by letting us come in and capture the welcoming smiles on the faces of your business. 

  • Pop-up Planning: Pop-up booths are your dynamic marketing tool, offering a direct and engaging way to connect with your audience. We'll plan, source and build your booth to ensure you make a lasting impression. 

Marketing Package

Evergreen Girls Commercial Photography Ballast Books.jpg
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