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Totally You-nique:

Hello, fellow humans of Earth! When you dive into the world of Evergreen Girls – whether you're up for some inner soul searching or striking a pose for an avant-garde photoshoot – get ready for an all-inclusive and totally tailored experience just for you!

Choosing to invest in the Evergreen Girls' services goes way further than a simple transaction; it's a deliberate choice to devote time and effort towards your personal growth and self-expression. You're making a conscious decision to prioritize your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and happiness. Just like any investment that yields long-term benefits, our services are designed to provide lasting value. Our goals are radical self-love, meaningful connection, and just ridiculous amounts of self-confidence; whatever that looks like for you.

Peace of Mind

Customers typically invest an average of $10,000 in Evergreen Girls' services, a testament to the invaluable nature of our identity-affirming photography and intuitively tailored experiences. We understand the significance of this commitment, which is why we provide flexible payment options, allowing our clients to tailor their payment plans to suit their financial preferences and ease their minds; so they can feel confident in the investment they're making towards coming home to themselves.  

times are tough

Seriously, we understand this is a luxury service that not everyone will be able to afford. We, unfortunately, are victims of this capitalist society so we have bills to pay too. As such, we are happy to barter goods and services, have discounts for educators, and have a sliding scale for marginalized communities. These are only for the sitting fee and are subject to pre-approval. Reach out if you're interested in discussing your options.

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