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Event Planning

Do you have an event? Does it need planning? Did you suddenly realize after telling all of your chosen friends and family about this sick, dope, nasty party you said you were gonna throw, that you actually have no idea how to plan, prep, book, and deliver the so-called "party of the century"? Have no fear and worry not you silly goose, we've got the gals for you.


These fine as fuck, bad bitches you saw on the home page LOVE planning parties. Like love planning parties. River has Pinterest board after Pinterest board of themes, styles, and decor befitting any party. You want 70' retro? She's got it. You want a futuristic alien sex party? Been there, done that. You want Western? She might charge you extra but she's got that too! What I'm trying to say here is that you're in good hands my friend. So come check it out, see what we got, and maybe give them a call? Or email. Phone calls can be scary...

See you soon bitch!


Affirmations are for Everyone

"Throughout the event planning process at Evergreen Girls, we perform affirmations to cultivate a positive and empowering atmosphere. Prior to any event planning, we focus on building your confidence, sharing in the excitement of your event, and ensuring you feel supported and comfortable. Post-event, our affirmations aim to reinforce the pride and beauty in the time and effort you put in to make your event a success! YOU make it happen! Our goal is to leave you feeling uplifted, reaffirmed, and empowered at every step of your journey with us."


Package 1:
Event Photographers

Are you just looking for experienced photographers for your event? Sometimes all you need is a really good photographer, to handle the coverage of your event so you don't have to. And we can do that! You tell us what to expect and we show up with everything we could need to capture every beautiful moment of your event.

This package includes:

  • Confidence Building: Rely on our 20+ years of expertise to handle the logistics. We specialize in expertly planning and tailoring our services to match your mental well-being and personality.

  • Personal Expression: Engage in personalized one-on-one meetings to nurture your self-assurance and build trust with your photographer.

  • Styling Consultation: Share your vision, and the Evergreen Girls will craft a bespoke Mood + Style Board that mirrors your authentic identity.

  • Wardrobe Magic: Looking to dazzle? Enjoy a full-day Personal outfit shopping experience. Encompassing everything from attire and shoes to accessories and more! Plus, everything you choose becomes yours to keep!

  • Customized Ceremony: Let one of our on-staff officiants prepare + perform a unique and personalized ceremony.

  • Engagement Session Included with all Wedding Packages

  • Feel Safe: Our inclusive-centric focus ensures an environment that is safe and welcoming. With support for individuals of all backgrounds, relationship preferences and sexual orientations

What to Expect


Package 2: Consulting and Photography

Need a little help on the back end buffing out rough edges or making sure everything's covered? This package includes our knowledge, expertise, and connections to bring the assist you need. We'll consult where you want consulting and do photography where you need photography. 

This package includes:

  • Hair + makeup: Working with one of our hand picked artists lets enhance your natural beauty and compliment your unique style, ensuring you look and feel your best throughout the shoot

  • Editorial Posing: Engage in an editorial posing experience guided by our skilled photographers, refining your poses to encapsulate confidence and authenticity in every frame."

  • Take Home Props + Outfits: that's right feel like a movie star with your very own take-home props and outfits

  • Method Experience: You tell us who you are and we'll guide you through a collaborative approach that empowers you to authentically express yourself

  • Same-Day Image Selection: While you rest your photographer will begin applying preliminary edits afterwhich you will then select your 10 most favorite images to be used in your visual artistic affirmations

  • Aftercare: We understand how tiring a photoshoot can be. So after each shoot, we ensure an hour or more of aftercare centered around rest, relaxation and recovery


Package 3:
The Total Package

Want someone to handle all the heavy lifting and take the pressure off planning an event? From events like the Puget Sound Book Festival to Neon Dawn climbing night, we have experience in all sorts events and would love to do more. We make the calls, book the vendors, and shoot the entire event so you can have the best of both sides to making an event happen.


This package includes:

  • Key Phrase: wordy wordy word words, we're so professional and good at business. Business business business, numbers numbers numbers. Ohhhh ahhhhh 

  • Photo Retouching + Enhancement: Our in house photoshop master delicately refines images, highlighting your natural beauty while preserving the authenticity of each captured moment.

  • In-home Image Mapping: Bring the gallery home with you. With our, meticulously in-house mapping we'll come into your space and curate a personalized display layout for your art.

Print Is Important

In this package you will receive

  • 5 Fine Art Prints up to 40"x60" in size

  • 8 x 12 art journal

  • minimum 80 images: 15 Fine Art Composites + 40 Regular Images

  • Custom USB backup: To help future-proof your files

  • Online Image Gallery + Digital Files: All digital files will be uploaded to an online gallery in which you can purchase additional prints and download high-res files.

evergreen girls - custom - USB.jpg

​When I was younger my brother lost all of his photos in a move back from Japan. How were they lost you might ask? well at the time they were kept on CD's and didn't survive the journey. Due to how fragile digital files truly are my younger brother has lost an entire childhood of memories. 


​So for us printing your work isn't just about pictures; it's about turning your moments into something you can hold, feel, and cherish. It's like bringing your memories to life, giving them a permanent place in your home and heart


This is why all of our images are printed on 100-year archival cotton rag paper. Ensuring that you will fade before your photos.

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